Life of Kevin

2017 successes

Hi, I'm starting the year by taking a look back to last year. A lot of things has happened¬† and right now, I'm looking ahead for things to come. Many things happened to me. I'm trying to sort them out. January - August 2017 Those were my last months as an undergrad student in software… Continue reading 2017 successes

Life of Kevin

Goals for 2017

Hey guys, I'll start by wishing you readers an happy new year. Lots of things are changing for me this year. I'll go a quick review of last year I was a full-time intern at Genetec working as Software Developer from Jan to April I gave a tech talk in my local .NET meetup concerning… Continue reading Goals for 2017

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GSOC 2015 : From NRefactory 6 to RefactoringEssentials

Hey guys, In spirit of my withdraw from the Google Summer of Code program this summer, I thought I'd do a piece of the project I successfully completed last summer. So what brought me to the program last year ? I spent a few weeks on working on a new thing in .NET called Roslyn.… Continue reading GSOC 2015 : From NRefactory 6 to RefactoringEssentials