2017 successes


I’m starting the year by taking a look back to last year. A lot of things has happened  and right now, I’m looking ahead for things to come. Many things happened to me. I’m trying to sort them out.

January – August 2017

Those were my last months as an undergrad student in software engineering. I’ve finally graduated. This was a great moment for me ! I was looking forward to it for the past four years !

I’ve had companies tried to recruit me, for instance, Amazon & G-Research. That felt amazing. The thing was that because of personal reasons, even though the opportunity, the tech stack and the location would have been great reasons to relocate, I couldn’t for personal reasons. Maybe in the future, if I have the same opportunities as I once had, I’ll reconsider if those reasons aren’t an issue when they come back.

I’ve got my first job as a software developer in a mobile games studio in Montreal. I was hired as a tools programmer. Ever since I got into software engineering, I wanted to get into the video games industry. I’ve started there in May and I ended things in the last week of September. I wasn’t as passionnate as my peers concerning video games. That much I’ve seen by spending time with them. I didn’t play games on my free time. I wasn’t motivated by my job as much as I wanted to be. I appreciated the time I spent there; it helped me to grow as an engineer, all thanks to the role I was given and my mentors.

August – December 2017

I decided to get into a consulting engineering firm. As a consultant, I’m acting as a programmer analyst II at CAE. I’m mostly working in C#. Within the responsabilities of the role, I feel more empowered by my job than ever. I can now coach interns by answering their questions or helping them through debugging whenever they need help. I was also ask to help for interview process with interns. I’m also helping my team to build their coding standards for PHP & C#.

I’ve decided to get more serious about giving back to the community. I’ve started a C# book for beginners developers. They’ll get to see the fundamentals and build a few projects that lets them grow into their new found skills.

I’ve also decided to move outside of my zone of comfort. In order to do so, I’ve decided to get into Golang and Python in 2018. Since I’m interested by AI & ML, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to get started in Kaggle competitions in 2018 and also complete the Data engineering on Google Cloud Platform I’ve purchased in December. To get to learn about Go, I’ve decided to take my passion of basketball and make it useful by building a model that can generate a potential winning bracket for the NCAA March Madness.



One thought on “2017 successes

  1. Kevin,

    Thank you so much for answering on my stack. Where can I download or purchase your book? I’m learning C# and struggling a bit


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