Ask Kevin

This is where you can ask me question in the comment section.

I will do my best to answer them. Still diving into .NET,  I don’t know everything that there is to know about .NET. And it’s normal, because it is that vast. But I will always try to dig in and find the best answer possible to your query. If you question looks like a question that can be found on the stackoverflow website, I’ll refer you to into. The Stackoverflow community is kind to the individuals who provide efforts into their work.By showing them what you tried to achieve and what you did to get around the issue, the developers will try to give you the proper answer to your query,


2 thoughts on “Ask Kevin

    1. MVC : A model (M) can listen for real-time events and update the view (V) appropriately.
      MVVM: A model (M) can listen for real-time events, which will propagate to the ViewModel(s) (VM) who will update the view (V) appropriately.


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