Euler problems

Hi guys,

Late post before I go to bed. I don’t know if you ever heard about Euler problems ? It’s a series of challenging computer and mathematical programming problems. They require some thinking in order to be solved. The reason behind solving them is to acquire better skills at problem solving, which is something that I yearn for. They provide sometimes unusual context in which the mind of the solver will be challenged.

Not only it serves as a way to improve problem solving skills, it’s a tool being used to learn new abilities such as acquiring skills in other programming languages that one may not be familiar with. In make sense to first solve the problem with something that you’re familiar with and then move on to something a bit less familiar. Starting this summer, I will deepen my knowledge in C#, C++,  F# and Java. In the same process, I will also provide solutions in languages I haven’t yet touch :  Lua, Python & Scala

I invite you all to try them by yourself, they’re quite fun to do !

You can take a look at my progress here.

Kevin out


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