At first, I thought I was going to end up as a dentist. But in high school, I was given the chance to take my first programming 101 class in C# and I completely fell in love with it. As I was learning more in that class, I was asking my teacher for extra material so that I could really grasp the core knowledge! Quickly, my love for dentistry was left behind and I was eager to start my way in the software world as an IT engineer student.

Now, I’m a software engineering senior with a keen interest on modern subjects including, but not limited to, mobile development and augmented/virtual realities. I’m also a FOSS (free and open source software) developer and thus familiar with things like version control systems or contribution guidelines.

I have a huge interest in .net development as you can see in my blog. I only aim to take you with my on journey with the MSFT technology stack. Sometimes, I may not follow the path I’ve set and touch other things, but I think those moments are a crucial part of my development. I hope you find everything you were looking for here.


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