Software development challenge


Yeah, it’s me again ! I’ve been missing writing here, so tonight, I’m going to write more than usual ! During the last few days, I’m been surfing the web and I found something quite fun to follow. There’s this woman, Jennifer Dewalt, which was an artist before. Well, it’s my belief that once you’re something, you can’t really say that you’re not anymore even though you don’t practice it. So let’s say she’s still an artist. That’s not the point. She was into programming but had no background. She decided that reading books or going to boot camps wasn’t her thing and did something else entirely.

She gave herself the challenge to program 180 web sites in 180 days. So basically, 1 web site per day. She started small, using HTML5 and CSS3 and then, as she got more comfortable, started using things like Ruby on Rails (Framework derived from the Ruby programming language) or Backbone.js (Framework derived from the javascript). You can read more about it her blog .

So, it got me thinking. Yeah, I do have some programming experiences, but I haven’t been around for that long and there is so much that I don’t know that I can wait to get to know! Basically, for the moment, I’m really into mobile and web application. I’ve thought about to do 100 days challenge in which I do one application per day in which I’m trying to get better with

  • WinRT & WIndows Phone 8.1 +Universal apps
  • Cross-platform development with Xamarin.Android
  • AngularJS
  • Javascript + Backbone.js

I haven’t pick out the exact day when I’ll be doing this, but I will mention it soon (February maybe). For this challenge, what I am going to do is link every project in my GitHub acocunt. But, I won’t go through every project in this blog. Some, which I’ll try to pick out in order to make most out of the learning experience, will be explained.


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