Mobile developer internship


I’ve been out for a while like I said in this post… I got erased somehow and I decided to re-write it.

So basically, I was saying that I found this new internship as a mobile developer in a .NET company ! It is a third-party Microsoft company which delivers windows phone 8.1 and WinRT (Windows 8.1). More than just this, they do cross-platform development using Xamarin to create Android and iOS apps with C#. See, this is a great language ! I really do love it !

I’ve been busy from catching up with everything I have to get to know to be efficient at my new job. So I put aside my blog but I’m back and here to stay !

More than this, I mentioned in that post that I was currently working on y first windows phone application. During the development, I did a few mistakes, which is acceptable since it was the first time I was doing an app. But there are things that I learned along the road so those mistakes are less likely to happen again !  I’m going to create a blog post which will take us through the app (LearnYourWeather) which allows you to get the weather of a selected city !



4 thoughts on “Mobile developer internship

    1. There’s no research needed because I’m simply talking about the starting experience I have at my internship. Could you please be more specific on what you’re trying to tell me ? Thanks !


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