Follow my social media activity

Follow my social media activity


Quick post, I promise!

I update my blog and you can now follow me on the social networks I’m active on 🙂

I created a YouTube channel to share my experience and knowledge, but mostly, to document my experiences as I’m trying to pick up new skills and maintaining acquired skills.

On my Instagram account, you will be able to find code memes, motivational posts, activities I do on my free time (sometimes not even coding related), events (i.e. hackathons), and so on and forth.

On my GitHub account, you will be able to find all the code I’ve ever written and be aware of my current projects for the year in process.

Sometimes, I use Twitter, but mostly to talk technology subjects. You can come talk to me with no fear; I’m quite nice in fact 🙂

Lastly, my StackOverflow account. This year, I’m top 20% overall of all the users you can find in Stackoverflow (only those with a reputation of 200+ can be ranked). My goal this year isn’t to be like top 5% overall or anything. What I want to do is to answer more questions about the things that I do know and try to provide the better content to the community that has been such great thing in my life. I really love how the community grows and how everyone truly wants to help anyone in need!

That’s it 🙂

Follow me and I promise an interesting year for 2019 😀

Kevin out.


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