Why am I dropping the text-based game?

A few weeks ago, I was interested in the idea of building my own text-based adventure game using React with F#. I was using this project as a way to practice the new React skills I’d be investing in. Upon pondering on the topic, I put aside the idea of the text-based game. It wasn’t clear to me whether I could dive into the React ecosystem. I expect to build a deep understanding of React during my next undertaking.

To fix this problem, I am now following a sizeable front-end course on React development. This React course, from Kent C. Dodds, covers several topics such as:

  • React Fundamentals: Learn everything you need to be effective with the fundamental building block of React applications. When you’re finished, you’ll be prepared to create React components to build excellent experiences for your app’s users.
  • React Hooks: Learn the ins and outs of React Hooks. I will take you on a deep dive into React Hooks, and show you what you need to know to start using them in your applications right away.
  • React Advanced Patterns: Not only learn great patterns you can use but also the strengths and weaknesses of each, so you know which to reach for to provide your custom hooks and components the flexibility and power you need.
  • React Performance: Learn everything you need to diagnose, profile, and fix performance problems in your React application using the Browser Performance Profiler, React DevTools Profiler, and proven React optimization techniques.
  • React Suspense: Learn how Suspense works under the hood, preparing you for the future of asynchronous state management.

You can find the link to the course’s material right here.

Let me add that I gain nothing from sharing the course’s information on my blog. I’ve started going through the material and I’ve really come to like the content.

This new venture is very much aligned with my interests. Furthermore, it is not too far off from the challenge I sought on solving before. The application is very challenging in nature. I seek to learn a lot through the many hardships it will provide me.

See you next time,



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