The Elmish Book by Zaid Ajaj

Hey everyone!

I don’t know who has already seen this but I want to make sure it’s visible everywhere! Zaid has been putting so much energy building awesome tools and documentation around Fable! Now, he has released publicly a book on developing web applications through F# and Elmish!

Here’s a snippet of the readme:

The Elmish Book is a practical guide to building modern and reliable web applications in F# from first principles. We will be using the Fable compiler, which will take our F# code and turn it into Javascript. This allows our code to run anywhere Javascript runs, whether it is the browser, Node.js, or other runtimes. Fable is designed with interoperability in mind, which makes it simple to re-use and integrate with the vast ecosystem of JavaScript libraries, as we will see later on in the book.

Our primary focus will be building client applications for the browser. We will start by learning the development workflow around client applications, slowly understanding the tooling and the hybrid nature of Fable projects since we will be both using .NET and Node.js tools for development.

You can find the book here:




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