A few cool courses to do


So I stumbled into this amazing gem and also this one! Seriously, go check those ASAP 😀

They’ll provide free courses made available by universities and I’ve found so many that I want to do, but I’ll have to restrict myself otherwise I won’t find the time to do them all but here’s a ‘small’ list of those courses:

  1. Data Structures and Functional Programming (Cornell University)
  2. Purely Functional Data Structures In Elm (University of Chicago)
  3. Functional Design and Programming (San Diego State University)
  4. Advanced Functional Programming (University of Cambridge)
  5. Functional Systems in Haskell (Standford University)
  6. Artificial Intelligence (Standford)
  7. Machine Learning (Standford)
  8. Deep Learning (Standford)
  9. Programming for Performance (Waterloo University)

So you can see it touches things I’m passionate about:

  1. Software performance
  2. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  3. Functional programming

I’m expecting great things from those gems 🙂



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