Week 1 F# Mentorship: Full-stack web app + ML experiments

Week 1 F# Mentorship: Full-stack web app + ML experiments


So we’re one week into the F# mentorship program and I’ve got some progress to share. I’ve had the chance to met with my mentee and that went really great! He has signed up to get an introduction to the language and that’s exactly what we’ve planned to do. We’ve went over some fundamentals on F# initially and talking about the full-stack web project he wanted to build. We’ve also visited the SAFE tech stack and we put down some milestones down to help stir the project in a good direction.


On my side, I also started my mentoring program with my mentor! Initially,Β  I set out to improve my skills to develop UI and provide a good user experience. Although, the main skill I want to acquire is being able to lead experiments in machine learning without feeling too lost. So instead, I sought out to use F# to experiment predicting the winner of the March Madness of 2020 using F# πŸ˜€

Currently, I have a Jupyter Notebook environment setup along with a .NET Numpy library in my workspace. In order to be able to implement a prediction algorithm, I’m going to use Python Jupyter Notebooks I can find for the past NCAA competitions of

Let’s see where the web app and my ML experiments go πŸ™‚

I’ll keep you posted



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