8th round of F# mentorship program

8th round of F# mentorship program



Last fall, I’ve entered the 7th round of mentorship with F# community. It’s a great program and it’s also free. I have the chance to meet a great mentor that taught me a lot about F#. For 2020, I’ve also entered the mentorship program of the Winter period as both a mentee and a mentor.

With my mentor, I’ll be focused on a data science project that I haven’t selected yet, but I’m really looking forward to it as my focus of the year is my machine learning master class. I should be able to figure out something that can be implemented in about 6-8 weeks of part-time work.

With my mentee, I’ll help him get a good introduction to the F# language. I will see with him what specifically they want to work on and how best to help them for the following 6 weeks! Another thing, because a colleague of mine couldn’t get in because we don’t have enough people who are willing to be mentors.

Please apply as a mentor even if you think you don’t know enough, the community will help you if you have questions or there’s something you’re blocked with. The F# community is seriously the best tech community I could have ever hope to find and I wish more people knew about it. With this in mind, I decided to also take my colleague as a mentee. I’ve previously helped him ramp up on F# and he’s already an advanced engineer (staff-level). I don’t know quite yet what will be our focus, but I’m also looking forward to that!




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