First post

Hi everyone,

This is my first post in wordpress. I’ve created this website in order to help developers to dive into the great world of .NET! Thing is, it is so vast that it can be bothersome to try to find exactly what you want to achieve with .NET.

About everything can be achieved with .NET: you can create desktop application, web applications and services, mobile applications and so on. This blog will focus on helping you to get a better understanding of .NET.

At first, I will show you the core fundamentals of programming with C# and VB.NET. In order to achieve projects,it is my belief that people should have a good foundation of the basics before they can try to get into the different current hypes like voice enabled mobile apps or create a web-based video game.

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Kevin Avignon, I’m a Java and C# developer. I started my path in the tech world about two years ago. I started programming with C# but I’m currently doing my IT engineering bachelor with Java. I’ve been in love with the .NET world since I first wrote my C# console application. I’ll do my best to make sure that in time, you’ll love it as much I do.

I have topics that I’ll want to mention in this blog because either I consider them really important or because I have an interest in them.  If ever there was a topic that was not on this website and you’d like me to talk about it, please make sure to let me know by commenting on my posts or posting your question in the Ask Kevin tab.

Let’s dive in into the world of .NET together and  I hope you’ll enjoy the ride !



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