The F# company list


Last year, I saw a few functional programming languages had repositories on which you could find companies that use those languages. Because that looked like a fun initiative and I couldn’t find an equivalent for F#, I created one and shared it on a few social networks like Reddit.

I’m writing about it now so those who follow my blog but haven’t yet heard about this could still benefit from it if they’re looking an F# job.

Oh and by the way, even if your company doesn’t know about F# or you don’t currently have any F# tools/products, it’s still totally doable. Last year, most of my team never heard of F# and now we have 3 tools. I made a presentation to talk about the benefits of the language and created a workshop to showcase what I loved about F#.

What you can learn about this is the following: If you’re passionate enough about something, build your case and present it to your team. We’re all software developers and we all enjoy technology. The issue is that it may not come at the best time. You ought to be able to showcase the advantages of switching and/or adding a different item in the toolbox your team uses.

A good thing to know when you’re trying to bring something in your team’s culture is the following: try pitching your idea(s) to those you feel will be more inclined to say yes. Once you get their approval, it’s going to be “easier” to convince the rest of your team. By then, instead of being one tiny voice talking about something that the group may not agree upon, you’ve become a small focus-group and that’ll be way more charismatic to be many behind an idea and trying to convince the remainder of your team that it’s a good idea.

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