Programming basics: My first console application

Programming basics: My first console application

Welcome reader,

We haven’t create an application since the start of the programming basics. It is sort of a ritual that the first program that a programmer writes will print of the screen the following : “Hello World!”. So, we are actually going to write this as our first console application.

Open your IDE and select Console application. Copy paste the follow code below and hit the run button in your IDE :

public static void Main()
      System.Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");

There, you have the most basic application you can create. You are actually using a method called “WriteLine” and putting information inside the parenthesis. This information that was passed as a parameter (they will be discussed at length during the method post) was then written on your screen.

There you go ! It wasn’t so bad, you can now call yourself a “developer” or a “programmer”. As we’ll progress, you’ll see that programming isn’t so hard as long as you put your time in it and really want to learn. Being passionate about what you’re trying to achieve will help you to master a lot of subjects. Don’t beat yourself down if there was ever a subject that eluded you even if it was the 100th that you tried to do it. Take some time off and come back, make sure you understand the core fundamentals before moving foward !



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