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GSOC 2015 : From NRefactory 6 to RefactoringEssentials

Hey guys, In spirit of my withdraw from the Google Summer of Code program this summer, I thought I'd do a piece of the project I successfully completed last summer. So what brought me to the program last year ? I spent a few weeks on working on a new thing in .NET called Roslyn.… Continue reading GSOC 2015 : From NRefactory 6 to RefactoringEssentials

Visual Studio

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

I can assure you, this is the last post I'm writting before you'll finally be able to dive into programming. On the plus side, this post is meant to help you with coding. To be able to program any software, a programmer needs an integrated development environment (IDE). Before, .NET applications were only able to… Continue reading Integrated Development Environment (IDE)