Hidden .NET Gems – ReactiveUI



Today, I’m going to talk about an open source gem in .NET for developing WPF applications for people who are interested in reactive and functional programming. To understand the work behind ReactiveUI, one mst understand Rx, or rather Reactive Extensions for .NET.┬áThe goal of the syntax of ReactiveUI for read-write properties is to notify Observers that a property has changed. Otherwise we would not be able to know when it was changed as it’s mentionned on their website.┬áThis is super cool because it allows you to abstract mutable state away from your user interfaces and express the idea around a feature in one readable place whilst improving application testability.

To have a better understanding why you should take a look at reactive programming, take a look at the following Youtube videos:

Soon, I’ll be building a Xamarin application with ReactiveUI. I’ll also weight the pros and cons of implementing the business logic with Akka.NET and F#. Keep on reading and you’ll see it briefly.