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Ranking up to 7th kyu with Python

Ranking up to 7th kyu with Python

Hi, About a week ago, I started training with my algorithms and data structures skills with Python. Today I had a small victory. I've finally ranked up to 7th kyu with Python 🙂 My top language, for now, is C# in which I'm ranked at 5 kyu (yellow belt) almost at 4 kyu (blue belt). … Continue reading Ranking up to 7th kyu with Python

Implementing a Stack in F#. Tail Recursion.

Viral F#

Since Push requires stacks to manipulate its data, we need an implementation of this data structure. There is of course a .NET implementation, however, it is not a “functional” data structure, in a sense that it is mutable. It is easy enough to implement our own, purely functional, immutable stack.

F# list is a logical choice for an underlying implementation. It derives from Seq (i.e. implements all IEnumerable flavors), has a useful length property which we would like to have for our stack as well:

What remains is to implement basic operations, which are all static members of the Stack module.

These are pretty straightforward. pop function has a slight quirk: we would like to return both the value of the head of the stack as well as “the rest” of the stack. So the return type in this case is a tuple.

Another slight irregularity: stack functions work on…

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