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The Rebirth of the Phoenix

HEY ! This is Kevin here. This has been way too long since the last time I wrote something on the blog. Usual excuse, I’ve been way TOO BUSY! But that’s going to change because I miss doing this on a regular basis. I have so much content, fun content (don’t worry about it, there’s…

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Being a junior developer

Hi, I stumbled on a really awesome article: What it really means to be a “junior” developer. Jonathan Barronville had some great insights on what it truly means to be a junior developer. For us, freshly out of college with our diplomas, after four years of hard work, we feel like we know everything. That is…

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First post

Hi everyone, This is my first post in wordpress. I’ve created this website in order to help developers to dive into the great world of .NET! Thing is, it is so vast that it can be bothersome to try to find exactly what you want to achieve with .NET. About everything can be achieved with…

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