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Polymorphism: Empowering your objects

Hi there readers, So, we're finally getting into the final pilar of object oriented programming, polymorphism. It's a strange word at first, but we get use to it pretty fast. What does the word polymorphism mean? The root of polymorphism is traced back to the greeks. Poly means many and morphism mean forms. Basically, polymorphism… Continue reading Polymorphism: Empowering your objects

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Inheritance: More than just titles or money

Hi there readers, We have talked about the first principle of object oriented programming in an earlier post. Now, it would be time to talk about the second one, inheritance. In the normal world, we talk about inheritance when one is about to receive some piece of land or a title from a loved one… Continue reading Inheritance: More than just titles or money

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Programming basics: what are strings ?

Welcome reader, When we first talk about, it was mentioned that the String data type were to be discussed in a later post. So what exactly are String ? If you remember, we have the char data type, which is used to store a single character inside a char variable. Sometimes, we need to manipulate… Continue reading Programming basics: what are strings ?

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Programming basics : variables

Welcome reader, This is the first part of a mini-serie to introduce the basics of programming with C#. Don't forget to look at my GitHub account. I haven't decide yet, but surely I will create a project which will resume every topic that I've talked about during the Programming basics serie. So, we're finally there,… Continue reading Programming basics : variables

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Software Version Control & Git

Before going into coding, I wanted to talk about software version control and the perks of using it in your daily life. The version control, simply, is a repository (storage location). In the repository, the source code, and other files, ¬†from a software project. Every changes made to the software project will be track along… Continue reading Software Version Control & Git