Hidden .NET Gems – ReactiveUI

Hi, Today, I'm going to talk about an open source gem in .NET for developing WPF applications for people who are interested in reactive and functional programming. To understand the work behind ReactiveUI, one mst understand Rx, or rather Reactive Extensions for .NET. The goal of the syntax of ReactiveUI for read-write properties is to notify… Continue reading Hidden .NET Gems – ReactiveUI


Hidden .NET Gems – Aliased generics

Hi, I've started a job as C# software engineer consultant on the 15th of this month. It's given me the opportunity to go back over my XAML with WPF and Silverlight and doing some refactoring with C#. Doing so, I've been pushing my C# foo & re-discovered some things that I hadn't use in a… Continue reading Hidden .NET Gems – Aliased generics

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FastOrder: real-time pizza order placement – Part 0

Hi, I'm picking web and mobile development lately as they are super trendy at the moment. But it's more than that. I'm a firm believer that in this profession, software development, we can't keep still. We ought to ourselves to move way outside our comfort bubbles and try new things even if it's a small… Continue reading FastOrder: real-time pizza order placement – Part 0

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GSOC 2015 : From NRefactory 6 to RefactoringEssentials

Hey guys, In spirit of my withdraw from the Google Summer of Code program this summer, I thought I'd do a piece of the project I successfully completed last summer. So what brought me to the program last year ? I spent a few weeks on working on a new thing in .NET called Roslyn.… Continue reading GSOC 2015 : From NRefactory 6 to RefactoringEssentials