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Hidden .NET Gems – ReactiveUI

Hi, Today, I’m going to talk about an open source gem in .NET for developing WPF applications for people who are interested in reactive and functional programming. To understand the work behind ReactiveUI, one mst understand Rx, or rather Reactive Extensions for .NET. The goal of the syntax of ReactiveUI for read-write properties is to notify…

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Hidden .NET Gems – Path.Combine

Hi, I’ve learned about the magic of the method Combine from Path a few months ago. Usually, even in production code, we tend to use string concatenation through either directly using ‘+’ or StringBuilder. Thing is, you do not want to directly use string concatenation to build your path. Try to think about using your…

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Tech questions 1-3: Linq

Hey guys, This is a new series I will try to maintain to the best of my capabilities. I’m this awesome blogger who happens to be also a Microsoft MVP called Iris Classon. After her first year of programming, she started to ask and get answers for what she’d call “stupid question”. Why would she…

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